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THE POND Trailer (2023)

A widowed anthropology professor, becomes disgraced and thrown out of his work. His life is a split in two locations: in his house, and in a caravan next to the Pond, where he secretly continues his research. The professor is convinced he is about to uncover a major event that will become a great world tragedy. As his research intensifies so does his paranoia and hallucinations. At the Pond, he meets the residents who live there: the lazy boatman, the voracious chess player, the rabid janitor and two girls. The mentor becomes part of his hallucinations, and the professor slowly realizes that someone or something otherworldly is interested in his work. THE POND Official Trailer (2023) Horror Movie All trailers with courtesy of the rightholders. | All rights reserved. © #Movie #Trailer

THE POND Trailer (2023) - online subtitrat in limba romana.

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