filme hd online - STAR CHASER Trailer (2024)

STAR CHASER Trailer (2024)

Official Star Chaser Movie Trailer 2024 For decades, news outlets have delivered firsthand accounts of tragic events around the world, from wars to economic crisis to genocide while survivors seek refuge in foreign lands. These stories can often invoke great emotions, when captured through the lens of science fiction fantasy. At BARAJOUN, we sought to address this by taking the plight of refugees and personifying them through our hero: AJWAN. AJWAN is a young refugee girl who bravely faces many hardships in her journey to overcome the loss of her family, and home world. This journey takes her to unknown lands in deep space light-years away, and onward to new galaxies. STAR CHASER is a sci-fi fantasy drama that empowers young girls and women, and it will inspire people around the world. STAR CHASER Official Trailer (2024) All trailers with courtesy of the rightholders. | All rights reserved. © #Movie #Trailer

STAR CHASER Trailer (2024) - online subtitrat in limba romana.

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