filme hd online - GOD IS A BULLET Trailer (2023)

GOD IS A BULLET Trailer (2023)

When vice detective Bob Hightower finds his ex-wife murdered and daughter kidnapped by a satanic cult – Bob is frustrated by bumbling botched official investigations. Bob quits the police force, gets tattoos, and infiltrates the cult to hunt down the charismatic cult leader, Cyrus, with the help of the cult's only female victim escapee, the brilliantly damaged, Case Hardin. Bob is lead down the rabbit hole to save his daughter and Case seizes the opportunity to claim back her power from the cult that took so much away from her. GOD IS A BULLET Trailer (2023) Jamie Foxx All trailers with courtesy of the rightholders. | All rights reserved. © #Movie #Trailer

GOD IS A BULLET Trailer (2023) - online subtitrat in limba romana.

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